Growing up


Over the snow weekend I wanted to do something that distracted me for a long period time, so this led me to look at old photos of me and my family and watching some family videos. You forget the process you go through when you grow up and how much you change, even now I forget that I look totally different from what I did 2/3 years ago. Looking at these photos I decided to share some of them with you and look at how much I’ve changed up until now.


Meet baby Emily, this is me at the age of I don’t know because neither my mum or dad can actually say. My half sister is holding me and clearly I’ve always been good at sleeping.


This the chubby cheeked Em who is finding something very funny. My mum use to put me in dresses all the time because apparently I had chubby legs, clearly very chubby as my sister use to call me ‘thunder thighs’. My dad thinks I am about 1-2 years old here and loving life.


This is me again at about 2 years old, still just as chubby as the start. I was on holiday with my family and clearly holding onto my mother hen for dear life. I have always want to know is what my cry sounded like as a baby/toddler. I can tell differences between my nephews and nieces cry and I can tell them out of a crowd, I just wonder what mine was like.


This is me at around 3 years old pushing my ladybird buggy (which I was obsessed with) around in the garden. The chubby cheeks are still going strong, and funnily enough I still have quite chubby cheeks which I hate!


Meet me at about 4 years old, smiling away and playing with my dolls house. I think I remember this being the time I went to test my new school out and got my face painted and clearly chose a butterfly. This also use to be my favourite dress apparently because I would attach lots of badges to it and annoy my mum.


6 year old Em in her Belle dress, with my cousin next to me who is only a couple months older than me. We grew up together and are still very close to this day, I can rely on him for anything. I loved dressing up and playing princess when I was little and Sleeping Beauty was my favourite, even though I am NO sleeping beauty.


This is me getting a little bit older now and I’m about 7/8 years old, the full fringe is back and it’s the start of me looking like Matilda (thanks mum and dad). I use to have photo shoots when I was growing up so they created memories we could look back on, I use to have photos done by myself or with my sister. I stopped having them done at about 11 years old.


This is my last photo shoot I had done, I didn’t like having them done as I got older and still now I don’t really like having my photo taken. I am about 10-11 years old here, and thank god that top and skirt combo was not something I stuck with for long.


This is the point that things start to get embarrassing because I was making fashion and hairstyle choices all on my own, so clearly I was not having a good day with either of those. I would say I am about 14 years old here, this is the point when I decided to get layers in my hair as I use to have long hair but I changed my mind and gradually got it cut shorter and shorter. I still didn’t wear any makeup as we can tell, plus who wears a vest top underneath another vest top? Wow Emily those 3/4 lengths also killin’ the game.


I had to just place this one in because I am about 15 here, but if you didn’t go through a phase of dragging half your hair across your face to form a large fringe then let me know how you managed to skip this stage because I made it last way longer than necessary.


Yes, yes this me at about 16 years old and thinking I’m very funny. I don’t have any words for this photo aside from I had braces and they were horrid.



This me now at nearly 21 years old and enjoying my life. I like looking back at how much I’ve changed and the phases I went through with make-up, hair and fashion. As we can also see, the chubby cheeks are still going strong.

Happy Wednesday

Emily  xx


Snow Day

For anyone outside of the United Kingdom or anyone that has not seen the recent weather forecasts. It has ended up snowing a lot here in England and the other parts of the UK, I have been stuck inside for the weekend and just an update; its been very boring. I have been out in the snow a couple of times over the weekend but most of the time I have been in my bed watching Netflix. Here are some of the photos I have gathered up or received over the weekend, these are being posted on here for me to have to look back on mainly. I have put black dots over my families faces because you know, privacy and all that!

Its meant to be spring and here we are, praying for warmer weather ASAP






If anyone else has snow then I hope you are keeping warm and safe, for anyone that wants snow where they are; trust me you dont! For anyone that has snow all year round, how the HECK do you go out and do stuff?

Happy Sunday

Emily xx


Well this is sort of like creating your new years resolutions but this stuff is the serious business, these are goals or aspirations that will take longer than a year or in some cases less than a year. I wanted to share my current goals that I want to achieve over my life because this stuff is personal, so put your snorkels on guys and gals because we are getting deep.

Number 1 

To actually go to university and complete a degree to be a Early Years Teacher, this is something that I know will take a long time especially if I want to work whilst I’m completing the degree. I want my final role in life to be a teacher and I want to extend it  to being able to support children that need extra aid through school e.g. children suffering with Autism. There is nothing more fulfilling than supporting children and young adults to achieve the best of their ability and being part of that journey of growing up. I feel this is what I am meant to do and what I was born for.

Number 2

Visit the places that are on my list of go to’s, this list is getting longer everyday because I discover these new places through other peoples blogs and youtube and its becoming hard to plan when I am going to visit these places. One of the first places is Las Vegas because why the heck not? I would like to have the experience of being in that type of area and night life, the gambling part is not going to be as successful because my maths isn’t not very great so hopefully my boyfriend can do that for me! Another place I’ve always wanted to visit is going to be obvious for anyone that knows me and this is DISNEY LAND, I am not fussed which one either Paris or Florida but I want to go and explore every part of Disney land considering I’m probably one of the biggest Disney freaks ever! Other places include Greece (Mykonos area), Iceland, Rome, Australia and Miami.

Number 3

Get two huskies (or maybe more), this is going to sound like the smallest goal but I have loved Huskies and Wolves ever since I was a young Emily and I’ve always wanted to have my own husky to come home to. I use to have two German Shepherds but my family unfortunately had to give them away as we was moving into a smaller house, I loved those two dogs with all my heart and I spent every moment I could with them. I would love to have my own husky to love with all my heart one day, plus it would give me a good reason to go for a run more often!

Number 4

Make baking more a hobby and stop giving it up because I’m too scared something is going to go wrong. I love baking and I find it so therapeutic, plus I did get quite good at one point but I just sorta stopped. When I have my own house I want to spend my own time at the weekend to bake cakes or whatever I’m feeling so I can experiment plus I’m sure whoever I live with would appreciate cakes and cookies being made on the daily!

Number 5

Learn to handle my anxiety throughout my daily life. My New Year Resolution was to learn how to handle my panic attacks and reduce the stress I put on myself that cause my anxiety to go through the roof, *touchwood* so far I am succeeding because I am balancing my life and making more time for myself and this includes not piling it on myself at work. I have a book where I note down when I have a panic attack just so I can see what can cause them, and so far its been nearly 3 weeks of not having one. I feel anxious throughout my daily life but I have learnt to take myself out the situation and calm down, sometimes I have a panic attack but I am able to calm myself down and get back on it. One thing I want to learn is how to handle feeling anxious throughout my life, things like constantly apologising for anything because I think everything is my fault and thinking people hate me or are angry at me. Topped with stop worrying what people think of me because that stuff restricts my happiness and how I live my life. I want to be my true self and be the happiest I can.

Let me know some of your goals, it would be nice to get some inspiration for mine too!

Happy Friday

Emily xx



January Beauty Favourites

This is something different for me to try and whilst doing this I noticed that I also need to practice how to flat lay objects and take the photo properly, so lets not judge guys and girls. These are some of my beauty favourites from the month of January, which may I add felt like the LONGEST month ever!


Flat Lay altogether

VICHY- Normaderm Correcting Anti-blemish care


This is my first favourite of January, I found this when I was starting to get more spots than usual although I’m 100% putting this down to putting fake tan on my face. I have started using this on my skin every morning and it has helped prevent spots appearing but also helping to remove the scars from old spots of Emily’s past on my face, this makes me feel more confident with not wearing make-up to work.

GIVE ME- Bubble Mask


This one of the items you would have probably seen advertised on Facebook or Instagram, aside from the fact it gives everyone a good laugh when it foams up and bubbles on your face; it has honestly worked wonders on my skin. It helps unclogs my pores and my face looks clean and fresssssh once I’ve washed it off. I strongly suggest purchasing it, its not that expensive at all right now! Check it out..
Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask

LUSH- Bubblegum Lip scrub


This always something I carry with me and I thank the lord my boyfriend’s sister brought me this, when I am getting ready for a night out I use this on my lips and then scrub it off and apply lip balm so it gives them some moisture back. I tend to wear matte lipsticks, especially my trusty Rimmel Kate Moss 107 lipstick (which is dark red for you boys or girls out there that may not have a clue what I am talking about). So scrubbing my lips beforehand means the lipstick wont dry them up as much, massive bonus for me.

FENTY BEAUTY- Foundation


I chose to invest in something for myself after Christmas because I had brought everyone’s presents and I had finally got paid after being poor for what felt like years, when it was actually 3 weeks. So the item I brought was the Fenty Beauty foundation, and THANK YOU GOD that I did because it is amazing! When it says it’s matte, HUNNY trust me it is and it makes your skin look amazing. I got shade 140, it was easy finding my shade on the Harvey Nicholas website as they demonstrated it a lot and showed it on the model. Have a look..

PRIMARK- False Nails


These Primark £1 false nails are a god sent, they are come in a variety of colours and types which makes life easier for someone that constantly switches up their nails (aka me). They also come with glue so they are good for on the go when going out somewhere like a date or night out, these blue nails are one of my favourites because give spring vibe which is something I need right now as I got too used to wearing black nails. Plus they are only £1, bargain.

NYX- Highlighter


This highlighter is my favourite and my very first one that I brought, at first it doesn’t show very much but in the light; it looks amazing and I’m obsessed. It looks amazing for a night out and matched with my L’Oreal highlighter primer; it looks like I’m a glittery disco ball. Plus its not very expensive, so get yourself down to a shop/store and get one!

NYX- Blusher/bronzer

blusher 1

This is another NYX product, they aren’t very expensive but they are so worth it. This is the blusher I wear whenever I decide to wear make-up (which is not very often), it has highlighter specs in it so it makes it look like I’m glowing; which masks the fact I am hiding a lack of sleep and way too much chocolate in my diet. This colour means that it also matches anything and everything I wear.



This product does something godly to my lashes, I’m quite lucky to have half decent lashes that are quite long but when I put this on it makes them look fluttery and actually makes me look half human. This brush on this seperates your lashes so they look thicker but also makes you look like you have a million lashes at the same time. I had a struggle in finding a mascara that didn’t make my lashes look like thick spider legs and alongside I can’t put fake lashes on, so this was a winner for me. Let me know if you use this too and what you guys think of it!

L’Oreal- Bronzer


My final product is the L’Oreal bronzer, I have tested a lot of bronzer’s in my life and some of them make me look like I rolled around in mud for an hour and then some did absolutely nothing. This one gives me a nice glow and makes me look like I do have a tan but does not go overboard as we have to bare in mind I am a very pale girl, it creates the right balance. It has a highlighter on the side but I don’t usually use this but the bronzer has sparkles in it that make me look all glittery, especially on summer days when the sun is shining.

Let me know your favourite products and if you have any suggestions then let me know, I’m willing to try out products. Hope you enjoyed my January favourites.

Happy Tuesday

Emily xx

Why didn’t I go to University…

This is topic that causes a lot of discussion for people as to whether to go to University or not, this is because it is such a big change in your life from moving away to the workload being something else. Whilst I was completing my A-Levels everyone was filling in their forms and writing their personal statements and I would look and think that I was not ready for University as it wasn’t for me, I would pay attention to what my friends wrote as if I changed my mind then I would know where to start. Part of the reason I didn’t feel like I could go University, is because I didn’t feel smart enough because everyone else around me was achieving A’s without trying and I would go home and spend hours and hours doing work and then only just scrape a C. This is one thing I have to overcome in the process of deciding that I should go to University, I have subjects that I am good at and ones that I am not and this is the same for other people such as some may be smart at Maths where as I am good at Childcare or Government and Politics and that is the way of life.  I chose to complete my A-Level’s and start an apprenticeship instead and learn through actually doing what I’m interested in, I’m very glad that I made this decision because I have got so much experience under my belt now and learnt so much through having coursework and going to do the job everyday.

I was never 100% against going to University but I just knew I was not ready there and then, plus the whole thought of moving away from my family and friends was not something I was up for (I’m definitely a home girl). So after nearly 3 years working at where I am and going up from being a shy 18 year old apprentice to a nearly 21 year old that’s still shy but is a room leader and is qualified, I have learnt so many skills and built up my confidence so much but trusssttttt me when I say it does come with its negatives such as getting up at 6:30am and getting stressed that you have to sit in the office and just have a meltdown for 5 minutes; but it’s all part of the job.
After all this time, I have realised that I want more than just where I am and this means one day I would like to go to University and complete a degree to become a teacher. I spend so much time with my nephews and niece, and when my oldest nephew enjoys going to school so much and tells me the list of things he learnt that day. I want to be the person that teaches the children new things everyday and comes home thinking that I have achieved something today plus it gives me a chance to relearn everything all over again. One thing is understanding that I am smart enough for this and if I want that much then I will work hard for it, even if I have to work hard and ignore my phone for 10 hours then I will because nothing worth having comes easy. I decided that I will not being going to University that requires me to move away but through an Open University which means I can have a job and complete my degree at the same time; just imagine the social life I am not going to have *insert crying face emoji*.

My final thought that I have is that even though everyone else is doing something like going to University or moving away it doesn’t mean you have to do the same right there and then, sometimes you have to wait a little while to see where you want to go and what you want to do with your life. Sometimes you aren’t ready for that part of your life yet, you just have to go with what is there then and see where it takes you. We all follow different paths, your own individual one is the most exciting. I was not ready for University 3 years ago, but I feel ready now and I’m excited.

Happy Monday

Emily xx

20 Facts About Me

Here’s 20 Facts about me, so that you guys get to know me a little better and plus its a little more personal…

1. I have a pet cat called Splodge, she is 13 years old but is still the size of a baby kitten which surprises most people.

2. I use to have singing lessons, I use to want to be a singer and had lessons from 16 till I was 18/19 years old. I stopped having them because I couldn’t make as much time for them plus I always seemed to be ill.

3. I have ALWAYS wanted to take a make up course, to learn how to make up professionally on me and on other people. I love doing make up and buying new items to test, I hope one day I have time to take a course and learn properly.

4. Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of the year, I love Christmas and everything surrounding that. I become my happiest round this time, although I am a summer baby; I feel like I always should have been a winter one.

5. I HATE hearing people chew, its one of my pet peeves and I cannot stand to hear even the slightest noise of someone chewing. Once I hear the chewing then that’s it, that’s all I can hear.

6. One of my holiday goals it to go to Las Vegas, I know people sometimes say its a waste of money but I have always wanted to go and spend at least 3 days there and say I have had the experience. Even if I am bad at maths.

7. I have two nephews and a niece (I technically have more but its a long story), but these three are my everything and I would do anything for them; they always come first regardless.

8. I use to be one of the biggest fan girls for The Wanted, I loved them to pieces and was crying my eyes out when they announced they were breaking up. Don’t judge, I know they weren’t the biggest boy band ever but they were to me.

9. I am a Pescetarian, so this means I eat fish but NOT meat. I use to be a vegetarian but I struggled without fish so I gave in but meat is something I will not give in to.

10. I have always wanted to see Michael McIntyre live, he’s always been my favourite comedian and I’d love to go see him live and laugh cry in person.

11. My favourite set of movies either have to be Harry Potter or Transformers, I grew up watching these movies and they just have a special place in my heart. I have recently watched all the Star Wars movies (aside from the most recent one) and I loved them so they are something I happily watch over and over again.

12. Huskies are my favourite dogs, and wolves are my favourite animals. When I get my own house, I will have 2/3 huskies and one of them will be called Scout; (personal to me).

13. I have a major major fear of Goats, don’t judge me but I had a past experience with some goats when I was little and it was not pretty. Nowadays I cannot look at goats or even listen to the sound they make, just one big FAT NO.

14. I have always wanted to live by the sea, I love the idea of hearing the sea late at night because its one of my favourite sounds. If I cant sleep then I want to take my dog for a walk on the beach and spend sunny days by the sea, I hope it will help me relax more.

15. Foods I hate include: Ice cream (yes I know roll your eyes), peas, quiche, fruit cake, onion, popcorn, cucumber, custard, oranges and blueberries. I also cannot stand when my food touches or if food gets soggy from gravy or something. I am the fussiest eater, don’t judge.

16. I wish I knew how to surf but I have no balance or coordination, but one day I’d like to learn.

17. I want to swim with sharks one day too, I absolutely love sharks and I think they are beautiful animals. I love to be in one of those cages and just watch them swim in the ocean naturally. One day maybe have the balls to swim without the cage.

18. My A-levels I took were Philosophy and Ethics, Government and Politics, Child Development and extra Child Development. I came out with a Double Distinction in Child care, C in Government and Politics, and B in Philosophy and Ethics. I was very proud of myself for these results, considering I had to take more exams than necessary.

19. It took me 4 goes to pass my driving test, most of the fails were my fault but clearly was not ready to be able to drive in the big world.

20. Yellow is my favourite colour, I love most things yellow. Like yellow roses are one of my favourite roses, sunflowers are my favourite flowers and my yellow jean jacket is BEAUT!

Here are 20 facts about me, they aren’t too deep yet but its a start! Two posts in one day…oOoOoOOOooo

Happy Friday nearly Saturday

Emily x

Body Confidence


I have been gone for a little while, but I have been a very busy Emily and plus I haven’t been very well so I’ve been resting and watching plenty of Netflix. So coming back to the blog I wanted to write about something that is big for me and other people might find light from. Body confidence is not something everyone wants to talk about but I wanted to write about my journey and what I’m going through now, its a long process to starting to feel comfortable in your own skin and I’m being honest that I struggle to feel 100% settled and confident and I have good days and bad days. When I started actually noticing my body and what shape it was and everything about it which was around year 8, I HATED IT because I had this huge bum and wide hips and I was still wearing vests in year 6 because I had nothing there on the top half (don’t diss, they were comfortable). This point in my life was also the stage when I started getting spots and experimenting with hair styles (most of them were big NO no’s), but I would notice no one else was getting spots and they have perfect skin and they were all skinny; so it sucked. As the school period went on I became friends with a group of girls (who now only 2 of them I remain best friends with), but one of them would always pick on me because of the fact I had no boobs but was bigger on the bottom, so for that I use to nit pick at myself and my confidence hit an all time low. Once we stopped being friends with her I tried getting myself back on track through healthy eating and exercising, which didn’t last very long because its me and I’m not much of a ‘mover’. Over time I’ve gone through phases of healthy eating and exercising or just eating whatever I want and lazying around, but was still never 100% confident about my body. On a side note, don’t associate yourself with ANYONE that doesn’t uplift you and help you to feel confident, a ‘friend’ that makes you question yourself and your looks IS NOT  a friend.

As time stands now I have researched and know my body shape is a pear/hourglass, so I understand that I am always going to be bigger on the bottom with a small waist and not that strong in the boob department, but they are just going to be in proportion with the rest of me and this is going to be how it is. This is the first part of me accepting how I look because I know how to dress for my shape and what works for me and what doesn’t, such as high waisted underwear and boyfriend/mom jeans (as much as I want a pair). Although if my boyfriend reads this then he will be nodding his head massively, I basically live in the worlds baggiest clothes and buy tops and jumpers 4 sizes bigger than me, I thought it was all about comfort for me and I realised now its because I’m hiding my body just incase of what people think and whether they go ‘she shouldn’t be wearing that’ sorta thing. Nowadays though I realised I shouldn’t hide what I look like because why the heck should I?, I only have one body and I should be celebrating it and all its quirks and how it takes care of me (its a miracle how it handles how much chocolate I eat daily). So I made one of my new year resolutions was to start wearing clothes that are my actual size and so far I have been sticking to it, I have recently brought clothes that are my size and I am starting to feel more and more confident and its a nice feeling to actually like what you see in the mirror for once. You only have one body and there is only one of you, that’s the magic of it so why not treat your body and flaunt it if you have the chance because it does NOT matter what anyone else thinks of what you look like or who you are because as long as you are happy that’s all that matters.
Everyone is beautiful and everyone is powerful, so take on the world one step at a time and one step being loving yourself and working with what you have got; your body does a lot so be thankful. Joint with this is to not compare yourself to other people because whilst you might be wishing to have smaller hips like the girl at work, that girl might be wishing she had big hips like you. Everyone is different and comparing yourself to others is not going to change that, plus if everyone looked the same then that would be very boring. Compliment yourself each morning with something you like about yourself that day and the process will start to happen.

Happy Friday

Emily x